Pisces Course


Pisces Course Set Meal!


2F Moods Cuisine
+86 021 20577902
11:30 — 14:00

Appetizer:Homemade Milk Tofu with Kiwi
Cold Dish:Smoked Duck Breast, Crab Meat, Kiwi Caparccio
Sashimi:Peony Prawn, Salmon, Conch
Grilled Dish:Grilled Prawn with Kiwi
Deep-fried Dish:Deep-fried Octopus with kiwi
Simmered Dish:Simmered Ayu Mackerel Fish with Kiwi Jam
Soup:Conch Clear Soup
Main course:Seafood Tea Noodle
Dessert:Season Fruit

RMB 328